Thursday, September 4, 2014

DVR Alert -- Week 1 of TCM's Pre-Code Fridays

Yes, I'm WAY late to this, but here are my recommendations for your DVR pleasure starting tomorrow (Friday Sept. 5):

Definite YESes (seen and recommended)
Night Nurse (4:00 pm ET)
Baby Face (8:00 pm ET)
The Divorcee (9:30 pm ET)
Gold Diggers of 1933 (1:00 am ET)

Good bets (that I haven't seen)
Wild Boys of the Road (11:00 am ET)
Safe in Hell (12:15 pm ET)
Female (2:45 pm)

Also, if you catch the opening of Taxi! (4:15 am ET), you ca see James Cagney speaking Yiddish like a native (which he pretty much was, since he picked it up from the other kids in the tenements of New York).

I haven't quite decided which of these I'm going to write about over the weekend, but the best bets are either Night Nurse or The Divorcee, so if your DVR space is limited, I would go with those. Happy viewing!

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